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Texas Association of Business Against Proposed Regulations for Dental Industry

Texas Association of Business Against Proposed Regulations for Dental Industry

TAB CEO says “anti-competitive, anti-free market” rules written by Dental Board in turf war

AUSTIN, TX (Oct. 6, 2014) – Today Texas Association of Business (TAB) CEO Bill Hammond declared opposition to new proposed rules (TAC 108. 70 & TAC 108.74) for dentists that would raise costs and restrict access to dental care for Texans. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) is considering regulations that TAB believes would severely diminish, if not completely eliminate, dentists’ ability to contract with Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

“If the TSBDE passes these new rules, it is effectively choosing to shut down a successful free market that has for decades helped dentists operate more efficiently and lower the cost of dental care for Texans,” said Hammond. “This is about protecting the business model of one group of dentists from the more efficient DSO business model used by another group of dentists, without regard for what is best for consumers.”

Even though the Texas Legislature defeated a similar measure in 2013, the TAB maintains that the board is now attempting to go around the outcome. If passed, the TAB finds that these rules would negatively affect more than 1.1 million patients served by DSOs in Texas, with nearly 6,000 dentists and support staff, more than 400 practices across the state and investments exceeding $160 million.

“This is another example of ‘agency regulatory creep,'” Hammond continued. “Texas is widely viewed as a free-market leader and a state that is ‘open for business.’ That reputation has not only served Texas well, it is well earned. If TSBDE moves forward with imposing these anti-competitive, anti-free market rules that go well beyond its statutory authority, it would send a very different, and very troubling, message to businesses throughout the country.”

Hammond noted that more information is available on the Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations (TCDSO) website. TCDSO supports dentists in the efficient delivery of affordable, high-quality dental care to millions of Texans annually. Texas dentists have contracted with TCDSO members for more than 30 years to provide non-clinical administrative support services, including facility maintenance, supply procurement, scheduling, accounting and marketing. These services enable dentists to spend less time handling non-clinical administrative duties and devote more time to the delivery of affordable, high-quality dental care to patients in their communities.


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