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DGPA: Advantages of Dental Group Practices

The significant influence and financial impact of Dental Group Practices (DGPs) in the industry continues to grow. An increasing number of practicing dentists and recent dental school graduates are taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize their professional potential by choosing to join a DGP. Without the distractions of running a business and the challenges of start-up, DGP dentists and dental professionals can focus on providing excellent dental care for their patients, with the support of DSOs.

Dental Service Organizations provide powerful benefits that make business life better for the dentist:

    • Centralized practice support – Administrative experts handle all non-clinical needs
    • Human resources support – Tailored HR systems and benefit programs
    • Modern facilities with the latest technology – Purchasing leverage, available capital, continuous R&D help put state-of-the-art tools and products at the dentist’s fingertips
    • Quality assurance systems – Work in combination with dentists to help them develop programs that ensure consistent excellence, patient confidence, quality of care and team performance
    • Ongoing education & training – Stay ahead of trends, technologies and practice management tools and techniques
    • Access to capital for capital investments – Provide access to funds dentists need to grow and support their practices
    • Career opportunities – A choice of a wide range of career options
    • Professional marketing – Help DGPs and dentists attract more patients at lower costs with professional campaigns and tools
    • Economies of scale – Greater buying power that enables dentists to provide services that patients value and can afford

Source originally found from the Dental Group Practice Association.

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